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The Power of Business Collaboration

Successful collaborative business relationships can create more productive and competitive businesses. They can spur the local economy and create better jobs by helping entrepreneurs in four important support areas:

20 Ways That Collaboration Can Help Businesses Grow Their Profits Faster

Access to New Markets

  1. Market intelligence can be shared
  2. Joint marketing & promotion
  3. Joint selling or distribution
  4. Pooling of resources improves the chances of winning larger contracts
  5. Can help overcome protectionist barriers in foreign countries

Access to Talent / Human Capital

  1. Add skills or expertise that the businesses needs
  2. Cross-training possibilities
  3. Act as a sounding board for new ideas
  4. Benefits of team problem solving
  5. Allows each collaborator to concentrate on activities that can best match their capabilities
Business Collaboration Skills

Access to Financial Resources

  1. Obtain capital, loans, or guarantees from collaborators
  2. Share financial risks associated with developing new products or entering new markets
  3. Preserve capital for other needs
  4. Cost-sharing reduces outlays
  5. Reduce costs through economies of scale or increased knowledge

Access to Innovation &
Production Capacity

  1. Shared R&D expenses
  2. Reduction in product development time and faster time to market
  3. Quickly increase capacity to produce
  4. Access to Proprietary technology

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